Virtual Internship in Spain

LMU CPD and Study Abroad teamed up to offer Virtual Study Abroad opportunities, equipped with a virtual international internship. I applied in a heartbeat and was accepted.

Experience South Africa

Before arriving in South Africa, I was nervous, excited and determined. When I arrived, it was nighttime, but I glimpsed the city on the bus ride to our new home. I loved the house immediately…

Emma Strand: Living Abroad: Round 3

Florence, Italy. Roatán, Honduras. St. George’s, Bermuda. I can’t seem to stay at LMU. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the school and living by the California beaches since … Read more

Melissa Martinez: First to Go

As a first to go student who lived a sheltered life, traveling, especially internationally, had always been a dream of mine. I finally got a chance to live that dream … Read more